Strong swimmers, confident people.

Rivertown Academy believes that developing a strong swimming practice will help kids and young adults become confident people and successful leaders.

We equip kids and young adults of all ages with everything they need to build a solid foundation of knowledge for recreational and competitive swimming, all year round.

We strive to offer world-class instruction in the safest environment possible so that your kids can learn everything they can about swimming safely and successfully.

Swim Courses

Level 1 : Bubbles
First-time and beginner swimmers will build confidence & learn basic water skills
Level 2: Freestyle
Beginner swimmers will learn proper body positioning for freestyle
Level 3: Backstroke
Advanced beginner swimmers will learn how to properly swim on their backs
Level 4: Breaststroke
Intermediate swimmers learn one of the more difficult strokes in the curriculum
Rays Pre-Team
Learn the basics of competitive swimming in a team environment
Start of Swim Team and competitive swimming

What Our Customers Say

“I don’t know where to begin in describing how effective and wonderful the Rivertown Academy swim program has been for my kids. We’ve been with the program for three years and have three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2, who all currently take weekly lessons. Between the coaches’ abilities to gently encourage reluctant first-time swimmers, while simultaneously advancing the skills of more-ready swimmers, I’ve been blown away with my kids’ individual progress. They now have genuine enthusiasm for the sport, pure elation for their own progress, growing confidence in the water, and incredible swim skills I’m not sure they’d learn anywhere else. I recommend Rivertown Academy without reservation!”

Lauren Dermody

“My son Jake has been swimming with Rivertown Academy for many years. Jake is a 20 year old young man with autism. Developing relationships isn’t always easy for him, but with the coaches at Rivertown, especially Jeff, Victor and Alexis, Jake has always been made to feel comfortable and respected regardless of his differences or abilities. I highly recommend this program to anyone, child or adult, who is interested in learning to swim or improving the swim skills they already have.”

Heather S.

“Class sizes are small, makeup classes are easy to schedule, the facilities are clean, and everyone there makes you feel like you’re already part of their team. We are so happy we found Rivertown Academy and plan on swimming with them for years to come!”

Simon Lee