Of course! Just complete the online form on our registration page. If you are interested in Group lessons, you will need to schedule a swim evaluation so we can determine your skill level and put you in the correct class.

Yes! Rivertown Academy is a year-round swim school allowing swimmers to swim with us no matter the season.

Photos and videos are occasionally taken at The Swim Academy and are used for publicity purposes and on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.  If taking photos or video for personal purposes, please maintain a minimum of 4 feet back away from the pool edge. This will allow emergency personnel to maneuver through the deck without obstruction. Please also note that the EF school and Pace University have security cameras in place to monitor the facility at all times for security purposes.

You do not need to contact us if you will be missing a lesson or are running late. We understand you may have unexpected delays and that children sometimes get sick in the middle of the day. Lessons start and end on time and cannot be extended and are not eligible for a Make Up due to tardiness. Should you miss your regular lesson, the opportunity exists for you to schedule up to one (1) Make Up lesson per enrolled class per month. Additional missed classes are eligible for Make Up with a $10 fee per additional missed class. Make Up classes are valid for up to 30 days from the date missed, but 60 days if missed during the months of December, January and February. Missed classes will not result in prorated tuition or refunds.

You also have the opportunity to reschedule any lesson that is cancelled by The Swim Academy due to tropical storm weather, pool or staffing issues. Cancelled classes are eligible for reschedule up to 60 days from date of cancellation. Up to two (2) unexpired cancelled classes can be applied towards your next month’s tuition but are not refundable.

Please understand that we do not guarantee the same teacher, time or student ratio for rescheduled lessons or make ups. It is always a good idea to communicate with us so that we can help you manage your make ups. If you are unable to attend one of our designated make up sessions, your make up opportunity will expire. Once a make up is scheduled, it is considered used – we do not reschedule or offer make ups for make up lessons. 

No problem! Simply speak to our office staff and they will work with you to find a date and time that work with your child’s schedule.

We are happy to work with parents to try and keep swimmers with their favorite swim instructor, however, this is subject to an instructor’s current schedule and availability. 

A private lesson is a strictly one-on-one swim lesson with the swimmer and swim instructor. A semi-private lesson consists of an instructor with two swimmers of similar age and skill level. Please note: It is up to the parents to find an additional swimmer to be paired up in a semi-private lesson.

If a student is not toilet trained or toilet trained for less than 6 months, he/she must wear a disposable swim diaper and an approved cloth swim diaper to assure a double layer of protection. The cloth swim diaper must pass the two finger test (if 2 fingers can be inserted under the elastic in the legs and waist, the swim diaper is too large and the child will not be permitted in the water). Wearing only a disposable diaper is not allowed as disposable swim diapers alone do not pass Rivertown Academy code of health.

Proper swim attire is required at all times. This includes proper swimsuits for boys, girls and parents participating in the Parent & Me classes. Swim caps and/or hair bands are needed if hair is longer than ear length for all students. Please remove all band-aids and dispose of them properly before entering the pool. Please keep your child’s nails trimmed and we suggest that you treat your child’s ears in order to prevent ear infections.

Rivertown Academy accepts payment via credit card from the following providers: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Tuition can also be paid via check, but payment by check will be required 15 days in advance of the first class. Unpaid classes cannot be reserved until payment is received.

Unfortunately, Rivertown Academy cannot give refunds for any reason. That is why it is very important that you communicate any changes to your schedule and enrollment in advance and in writing.